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Sánchez Somolinos, Carlos


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  • López-Valdeolivas, M.; Liu, D.; Broer, D.J.; Sánchez-Somolinos, C. 4D Printed Actuators with Soft-Robotic Functions. MACROMOLECULAR RAPID COMMUNICATIONS. 2018

  • Alamán, J.; López-Valdeolivas, M.; Alicante, R.; Medel, F.J.; Silva-Treviño, J.; Peña, J.I.; Sánchez-Somolinos, C. Photoacid catalyzed organic-inorganic hybrid inks for the manufacturing of inkjet-printed photonic devices. JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C. 2018

  • Nickmans, K.; Bögels, G.M.; Sánchez-Somolinos, C.; Murphy, J.N.; Leclère, P.; Voets, I.K.; Schenning, A.P.H.J. 3D Orientational Control in Self-Assembled Thin Films with Sub-5 nm Features by Light. SMALL. 2017

  • Oriol Langa, Luis Teodoro; Sánchez-Somolinos, Carlos; Concellón, Alberto; Asín, Laura; González-Lana, Sandra; de la Fuente, Jesús M.; Piñol, Milagros. Photopolymers based on ethynyl-functionalized degradable polylactides by thiol-yne ‘click chemistry’. POLYMER. 2017

  • Alamán, J.; Alicante, R.; Peña, J.I.; Sánchez-Somolinos, C. Inkjet printing of functional materials for optical and photonic applications. MATERIALS. 2016

  • Concellón, Alberto; Blasco, Eva; Piñol, Milagros; Oriol, Luis; Díez, Isabel; Berges, Cristina; Sánchez-Somolinos, Carlos; Alcalá, Rafael. Photoresponsive polymers and block copolymers by molecular recognition based on multiple hydrogen bonds. JOURNAL OF POLYMER SCIENCE PART A-POLYMER CHEMISTRY. 2014

  • Jiménez, Josefína; Pintre, Inmaculada; Gascón, Elena; Sánchez-Somolinos, Carlos; Alcalá, Rafael; Cavero, Enma; Serrano José Luis; Oriol, Luis. Photoresponsive liquid-crystalline dendrimers based on a cyclotriphosphazene core. MACROMOLECULAR CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS. 2014

  • del Barrio, J.; Blasco, E.; Toprakcioglu, C.; Koutsioubas, A.; Scherman, O. A.; Oriol, L.; Sánchez-Somolinos, C. Self-assembly and photoinduced optical anisotropy in dendronized supramolecular azopolymers. MACROMOLECULES. 2014

  • de Haan, L. T.; Gimenez-Pinto, V.; Konya, A.; Nguyen, T. -S; Verjans, J. M. N.; Sánchez-Somolinos, C.; Selinger, J. V.; Selinger, R. L. B.; Broer, D. J.; Schenning, A. P. H. J. Accordion-like actuators of multiple 3D patterned liquid crystal polymer films. ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS. 2014

  • Berges, C.; Díez, I.; Javakhishvili, I.; Hvilsted, S.; Sánchez-Somolinos, C.; Alcalá, R. Influence of blue and red light illumination on the holographic storage in an azopolyester-PMMA blend. OPTICAL MATERIALS. 2014

  • Cervera-Procas,R.;Sánchez-Somolinos,C.;Serrano,J. L.;Omenat,A. A polymer network prepared by the thiol-yne photocrosslinking of a liquid crystalline dendrimer. MACROMOLECULAR RAPID COMMUNICATIONS. 2013

  • del Barrio, J.; Blasco, E.; Oriol, L.; Alcalá, R.; Sánchez-Somolinos, C. Diblock copolymer-azobenzene complexes through hydrogen bonding: Self-assembly and stable photoinduced optical anisotropy. JOURNAL OF POLYMER SCIENCE PART A-POLYMER CHEMISTRY. 2013

  • Lomba,M.;Oriol,L.;Sanchez-Somolinos,C.;Grazu,V.;Moros,M.;Serrano,J. L.;Martinez de la Fuente. Cell adhesion on surface patterns generated by the photocrosslinking of hyperbranched polyesters with a trisdiazonium salt. REACTIVE & FUNCTIONAL POLYMERS. 2013

  • Picot,O. T.;Alcala,R.;Sanchez,C.;Dai,M.;Hughes-Brittain,N.;Broer,D. J.;Peijs,T.;Bastiaansen,C. W. M. Manufacturing of surface relief structures in moving substrates using photoembossing and pulsed-interference holography. MACROMOLECULAR MATERIALS AND ENGINEERING. 2013

  • Berges, Cristina; Luis Oriol, Luis; Piñol, Milagros; Sánchez-Somolinos, Carlos; Alcalá, Rafael. Blends of an azomethacrylic block copolymer for volume holographic storage using low energy 10 ms light pulses. OPTICAL MATERIALS. 2013

  • Blasco, Eva; del Barrio, Jesús; Sánchez-Somolinos, Carlos; Piñol, Milagros; Oriol, Luis. Light-induced molecular release from vesicles based on amphiphilic linear-dendritic block copolymers. POLYMER CHEMISTRY. 2013

  • Sánchez-Somolinos, C.;de Haan, L. T.;Schenning, A. P. H. J.;Bastiaansen, C. W. M.;Broer, D. J. Engineered complex molecular order in liquid crystals towards unusual optics and responsive mechanics. PROCEEDINGS OF SPIE, THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR OPTICAL ENGINEERING. 2013

  • Modes, C. D.;Warner, M.;Sánchez-Somolinos, C.;de Haan, L. T.;Broer, D. Angular deficits in flat space: Remotely controllable apertures in nematic solid sheets. PROCEEDINGS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY A-MATHEMATICAL PHYSICAL AND ENGINEERING SCIENCES. 2013

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  • de Haan, L. T.;Sánchez-Somolinos, C.;Bastiaansen, C. M. W.;Schenning, A. P. H. J.;Broer, D. J. Engineering of complex order and the macroscopic deformation of liquid crystal polymer networks. ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE - INTERNATIONAL EDITION. 2012

  • Lomba, Miguel; Oriol, Luis; Sanchez, Carlos; Grazu, Valeria; Saez Gutierrez, Berta; Serrano, José Luis; Martínez de la Fuente, Jesús. Photocrosslinking, micropatterning and cell adhesion studies of sodium hyaluronate with a trisdiazonium salt. CARBOHYDRATE POLYMERS. 2012

  • Modes,C. D.;Warner,M.;Sánchez-Somolinos,C.;de Haan,L. T.;Broer,D. Mechanical frustration and spontaneous polygonal folding in active nematic sheets. PHYSICAL REVIEW E - STATISTICAL, NONLINEAR, AND SOFT MATTER PHYSICS. 2012

  • Blasco,E.; Barrio,J. D.; Piñol,M.; Oriol,L.; Berges,C.; Sánchez,C.; Alcalá,R. Azobenzene-containing linear-dendritic block copolymers prepared by sequential ATRP and click chemistry. POLYMER. 2012

  • Berges, C.; Gimeno, N.; Oriol, L.; Piñol, M.; Forcén, P.; Sánchez, C.; Alcalá, R. Photoinduced optical anisotropy in azobenzene containing block copolymer-homopolymer blends. Influence of microstructure and molecular weight. EUROPEAN POLYMER JOURNAL. 2012

  • Hernández-Ainsa, S.;Alcalá, R.;Barberá, J.;Marcos, M.;Sánchez, C. ;Serrano, J. L. Ionic azo-codendrimers: Influence of the acids contents in the liquid crystalline properties and the photoinduced optical anisotropy. EUROPEAN POLYMER JOURNAL. 2011

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